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Natural Moisturizing Cream

Saturates the skin with nourishing minerals

Excellent moisturizing cream, enriched with natural Dead Sea minerals, grape seed oil and jasmine oil which helps accelerate skin cell renewal and contains a high quantity of up to 75% of lipids which are essential to cell membrane, enriched with natural fonol and amino acids which assist in strengthening and nourishing the skin cells, helps with irritated skin, dry skin and wrinkles.


Apply the cream on clean skin at least once a day, effective also before applying makeup, provides glowing skin and firms the skin.

  • $119.90


Do not use the product in case of a known sensitivity to any of its ingredients. The use of the product is solely for the purpose intended and as instructed. Do not swallow. Avoid eye contact. Keep away from children.

Cosmetic Product Composition 

Grape water grape (vitis vinifera) avocado leaf oil (peresea gratissima) carrot oil (daucus carota sativa) calendula officinalis oil jojoba oil (buxus chinesis) rosehip oil (rosa canina) lactic acid maris sal olive oil (olea europaea) fragrance (supplement tocopherol wheat bran (triticum vulgare) jasmine oil (jasminum officinale) cetearyl alcohol cetereal glucoside phenoxyethanol triethylene glycol.

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