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Dead Sea Mud - Black Magice

Dead Sea Black Mud, also known as “Black Magic,” is a natural alternative to regular soap. It’s ideal for problem or sensitive skins that can’t tolerate conventional soaps. The soap lathers into a creamy white foam, leaving your skin cleansed and refreshed. It contains 100 percent pure Dead Sea mud to balance skin pH. The soap is fragrance-free, does not contain animal fats, and can be used on both the face and body.

The mud from the Dead Sea was formed tens of thousands of years ago, when tons of sediments accumulated into the sea floor5. These sediments contained salts that to this day prevent the sea from cultivating flora or any living thing for that matter, thereby branding it the Dead Sea5. These salts are now embedded in the mud and harvested for you.

The minerals found in the Dead Sea and Dead Sea mud, in particular, are known to possess magical healing and beauty-enhancing qualities. So, it’s not surprising that Dead Sea Black Mud is often referred to as “Black Magic”!

Please note that if you suffer from a skin condition or are easily susceptible to allergies, it’s recommended to consult a health care professional to make sure you’re using the product that’s right for your skin.

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