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SBG Mineral Gold

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  • Caressing body care cream, suitable for all skin types, rich with vitamins, Dead Sea minerals and other natural ingredients for intensive skin nourishment; rich with moisture and natural herbal oils, olive oil, calendula, jojoba for soft skin and firming that provides the skin with immediate nourishment. Regular appliance of the lotion will provide the skin with elasticity and a soft glow, leaving the skin saturated with moisture, healthy, fresh, velvety to the touch and delicately fragranced.


    Apply a generous layer of the cream on the skin, soak thoroughly with gentle massaging motions until completely absorbed.                                    

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  • Beauty Straight from Mother Earth 

    The Natural and high quality mud mask contains natural minerals which assist in fighting skin damages and, aging and helps reduce wrinkles.                                           


    Apply an even layer of the mask to the facial skin, wait approximately 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and apply moisturizing cream for complete nourishment.


    Do not use the product in case of a known sensitivity to any of its ingredients. The use of the product is solely for the purpose intended and as instructed. Do not swallow. Avoid eye contact. Keep away from children.

    Cosmetic Product Composition

    Dead Sea mineral mud lauryl glucoside grape (vitis vinifera) aloe leaf oil (barbadensis) chamomile extract (antemis nobilis) fragrance (supplement) phenoxyethanol triethilene glycol    


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  • Saturates the skin with nourishing minerals

    Excellent moisturizing cream, enriched with natural Dead Sea minerals, grape seed oil and jasmine oil which helps accelerate skin cell renewal and contains a high quantity of up to 75% of lipids which are essential to cell membrane, enriched with natural fonol and amino acids which assist in strengthening and nourishing the skin cells, helps with irritated skin, dry skin and wrinkles.


    Apply the cream on clean skin at least once a day, effective also before applying makeup, provides glowing skin and firms the skin.

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  • Contains Vitamin E for preventing skin oxidization

    A concentrated eye and neck cream containing Dead Sea natural minerals, wheat germ oil, and natural amino acids that are essential for the eyes and contains vitamin E which prevents oxidization, helps treating, strengthening and nourishing skin cells. Intended for the delicate skin around the eyes and neck.


    Apply the cream gently around the eyes and neck.

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  • Enriches and delays skin aging

    A nourishing high quality cream that contains Dead Sea minerals and a variety of oils essential to facial skin, helps detain skin aging. In addition, avocado oil is considered oil enriched with essential vitamins and amino acids. Avocado oil contains vitamins A, C, E.


    Lightly massage on clean facial skin before sleep.          

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  • Straightens and firms the skin

    Eye serum based on natural Dead Sea minerals, helps remove swelling, straightens and tightens the skin and helps increase the level of moisture by massaging the serum around the eyes.


    When wrinkles and/or swelling begin to appear around the eyes, apply the cream gently around the eyes, and from the eyes towards the temples.

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  • For firming and renewal of the skin

    Intensive peeling for skin renewal based on Dead Sea natural minerals. Recommended for all skin types. Removes dead cells, softens the skin and leaves it clean and fresh.


    Apply a thin layer of peeling lotion on the face and neck, excluding the eye area. After several minutes, when you can feel that the material is dry, remove it by gently rinsing in lukewarm water and apply moisturizing cream.

    Directions per Skin Type

    Fornormal to dry skin: once a week, for oily skin: twice a week.

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  • For  clean and glowing skin 

    Gentle oil that provides the skin with glamour, nourishment and vitality, rich with vitamins found in lavender oil, with the addition of exotic and stimulating fragrances. Intended both for removing makeup and for nourishing the skin. Suits all types of skin.


    Wet a piece of cotton wool with hot water, apply a small portion ofoil, clean the skin, except the area around the eyes,  with circular motions until complete absorption, then rinse the face with lukewarm water. The oil can also be used before putting on makeup: apply some drops of oil onto clean skin. The oil provides the skin with a glamourous and glowing appearance.       

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  • For lifting and firming the skin

    Anti-Aging Face Cream for skin firming, based on Dead Sea natural minerals that delay skin aging. Efficient for lifting the facial skin. Contains natural oils such as wheat germ oil, olive oil and grapeseed oil.


    Apply an even layer of cream to clean skin and massage the area until absorption. It is recommended to use the cream on a daily basis.

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  • Miracle immediate Wrinkle Dead Sea Products
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    A powerful and revolutionary cream for filling wrinkles within 10 minutes eliminating wrinkling restoring the natural volume of facial skin.  

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  • Dead Sea water is enriched  magnesium
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    Salt water for use on dry skin that provides moisture and magnesium for dry skin, also very suitable for scalp, for external use only

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