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  • Acne soap DSD
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    The Dead Sea's rich acne soap is rich in natural black sea salt and mineral water. The soap contains a high concentration of natural oils that are essential for skin care with acne. The soap thoroughly cleanses the face and effectively removes dead cells. It does not leave the skin dry and will help it maintain a balanced and healthy moisture level

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  • Salt soap DSD
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    Salt soap is sometimes called a spa soap because of the feeling it gives while using it and also because of the health benefits it gives the skin. It's always fun to be pampered every now and then, especially when it comes to your skin care

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  • Dead Sea Sulfur Soap
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    The Sulfur Soap is rich with 27 natural Dead Sea minerals that are well known for their beneficial properties for treating problematic skin.

    The soap reliefs skin disorders such as: seborrhea, dermatitis and psoriasis, and helps to disinfect sores.

    It cleanses the skin thoroughly, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

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  • Black Mud Soap DSD
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    Black Mud Soap DSD  contains high concentration of natural Dead Sea mud and minerals that are essential for a healthy skin.

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  • Hand sanitized alcohol gel
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    Hand sanitized alcohol gel contains 70 percent of disinfectant alcohol 99.9 of the germs

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  • Sterile protective mask
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    Sterile daily protective mask

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