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Dead Sea Deal Spa Products. is a  business that was founded in 1999,

 though its activities at the Dead Sea began at the end of the end of 1980s.

 The company owns a range of cosmetic and toiletry products for care of the face,

 the body and the hair and is responsible for their development.  

 These products are extracted from the special Dead Sea minerals and are combined with vitamins,  

 oils and natural vegetable extracts that are essential for the health and renewal of skin cells.

 The company’s products are unique and of exceptionally high quality in relation to the sort

 of Dead Sea cosmetics that we have known until now.

 This is due to the extensive research and development conducted by a  

 team of specialists with very considerable know-how, including dermatologists,

 bio-chemists, and bio-technicians...

 infuses its products with the rich natural treasures of the Dead Sea, and presents them to you packed in a jar.

 The company’s products have garnered publicity, both for their fine properties and their excellent quality.

 We hope you will enjoy our products.

Delivery Normally, it takes 12-22 business day for arrival subject to your country's  

 local custom policy if the shipment address is correct! Sometimes,  

 the delivery time will be slightly delayed due to custom hold and check in your country! Some countries like FRANCE,

  GENMANY, ITALY, SPAIN, CANADA and BRAZIL may take longer due to long-time local custom check process.